Leadership Festival
June 20–21, 2017
Join the community of experienced leaders

What is EMERGE?
2-day event
for co-creating the new leadership paradigm
We do not start with an agenda. We first tell you WHY. Interested? Keep reading. Leadership is when one sees what is needed and takes action. This event where we experience the new leadership emerge. It is our time to co-create the way we work and organise business. As a global community of leaders – let’s go ahead and live the NEW.
Expect More Than Usual
We know there is more to leadership than just information-sharing. It is the magic that lies in the interwoven relationships between people that makes the real difference. This is why we are designing EMERGE as an end-to-end experience, where we facilitate community building actions, so you can:

tap deep into your true calling
transgress the ego
find “your people” and know you are many
share inspiration and be amazed
feel the earth burning under your feet and improve your business
Who are we looking for?
Yes, We Mean You
You know that work and leadership can be done in a way that nurtures sustainable growth in business, the world, and the soul. Now is your time to take action.

Up and coming You are embarking on your leadership journey, searching for inspiration, tools, rich business examples, and true leaders. You want to lead in a way that will allow you to thrive for years to come, with respect for yourself and the people who will join you.
In the midst of it You run your own organization and answer to your own aspirations first. You sense the potential in your team, your product, and yourself. You know there is still so much more to offer and are searching for new ways to challenge the great unknown.
Ready to give back You are a pro, and your journey has already been messy and brave. You know life is about caring for both yourself and others – including children and parents – and being healthy & happy. You also greatly value engaging with younger followers because you know that by creating new leaders you also learn and grow.
Divided into 4 tracks
FOCUS ON THE WORLD Abundance, Dragon Dreaming, Design Thinking, Social Entrepreneurship
Leadership means being deeply connected with the world and its challenges. What in the world is calling you to act?
FOCUS ON THE ORGANISATION Holacracy, Teal, Theory U, Apps for Self-Organisation, New Work Spaces, Remote Teams
Leaders are constantly looking for new ways of organising work and teams, to make them thrive. What is your current challenge? What do you want to see more of in your organisation?
FOCUS ON THE EVERYDAY Wellbeing at Work, Emotional Intelligence, Runmageddon
The big changes show on a regular Tuesday. In your meetings. In calls with clients. In how your team deals with challenges. What keeps your team healthy and energised in the everyday?
FOCUS ON THE SELF Wholeness, Mindfulness, Acro-yoga & Aikido
Leaders often hear: everything starts with your self. You know it as well – if you want a team, where people show up fully – you need to pave the way! Which of your talents actually make a difference for your team? What are you missing in your tool-box?
A space for a group of 300 to sit in a circle, a couple more spaces for focused workshops and this all in the middle of a park, just perfect for a summer night garden party. Centrum Sztuki
FORT Sokolnickiego
ul. S. Czarnieckiego 51
01-541 Warszawa
Tom Thomison
Grażyna Piotrowska-Oliwa
Virgin Mobile
John Scherer
Scherer Leadership International
Ana Claudia Gonçalves
Institute for Strategic Clarity
Erwin Van Waeleghem
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TicketsReady to Emerge?
CommunityA sustainable Movement
We are here to stay. Festival is our annual focal point.
To build and nurture the community of leaders,
learn together and collectively work on what emerges,
we organise local meet-ups and global online calls.
A sustainable Movement
See what’s going on!

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BackersYou Have Our Back
Backers are the ones who see themselves in the Festival, who feel we are holding space for a change that they also want to see thrive in the world. We appreciate your support. It will allow us to deliver an even greater value.

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